Poster and Oral Presentation Guidelines


All accepted papers will be presented as posters at the conference. The posters will stay up throughout the three days of the main conference (October 14-16 2019). During the assigned poster session, one of the authors must present the paper at their poster. The posters may be mounted beginning at 07:00 on Monday, October 14, and must be removed on Wednesday, October, 16, between 18:00 and 20:00. Posters left behind will be discarded.

The maximum poster size for MICCAI 2019 is A0, (i.e. 841 x 1189 mm  or 33.1 x 46.8 in)  (Width x Height) portrait format. Please adhere to this format. Approximately three weeks before the conference, you will receive the proof of your paper from Springer. This will include a URL where the electronic version of your paper will be located.   This URL is located on the last line of the first page of the paper and has the form of *NEW THIS YEAR* Please create a QR code that directs the reader to this address (from which any supplementary material and embedded videos will also be accessible). You may generate your QR code using by entering the text of the paper URL provided by Springer into the “Enter text to share here” field on the QR-code generator site. The papers will be posted at this URL approximately one week prior to the conference, so at this point you should be able to verify that the QR code does in fact lead to the correct address using your own QR reading app. The generated QR code should be 6.0 cm x 6.0cm and be placed at the right hand side of the title at the top of your poster. 



Each regular oral presentation is allocated an 8 minute slot: (7 mins presentation plus one minute for changeover). There will be no questions following each presentation, but the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions electronically during the talks, and these will be presented by the moderator during a question period at the end of the session. To optimize changeover of speakers, and to facilitate the question period, all speakers will be seated on stage for the duration of the session.

Timing will be strictly enforced to ensure a smooth handover between speakers. Please ensure that you have rehearsed the timing of your talk beforehand. As a rule of thumb, you should have one slide per minute of talk time. The session chair will introduce each speaker and title of the talk. Each oral presentation will also have an associated poster presentation, and therefore any additional details can be provided at that time.



The preferred formats are Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 and Adobe PDF. Presenters will be required to use the conference system to minimize setup time. Please prepare your slides in 16:9 aspect ratio. 

We suggest bringing a copy of all the files including movies on a USB key. If you are including videos in your presentation, it is highly recommended you use a standard codec such as Microsoft Video 1 to avoid playback issues. Exporting the presentation using the Package for CD option from PowerPoint will ensure that all media files are copied into one location and file paths are adjusted inside the presentation. Windows Video Player is installed in the presentation computer.



Unfortunately we are unable to offer printing on site, so please print your posters before arrival in Shenzhen.

The conference secretariat is happy to assist you to print posters in Shenzhen.  Please click here for more information.



We require speakers to upload their slides to our dedicated conference computer during the poster session that precedes their oral session at the latest (for example, Tuesday morning speakers should upload their slides during the Monday afternoon poster session at the latest). Monday morning speakers should find the AV team and upload their slides on Sunday or Monday morning, by 08:00, i.e. well before the conference starts. 

We have reserved room Madrid 6 as a Speaker Preview Room.  The configuration of the computer in the preview room is the same as that for the oral sessions.  Please bring a copy of your presentation on a USB memory stick. Label your presentation with session number, your talk number within the session and your name. So if you are in session 3, you are the 5th speaker and your name is Smith,  your file would be 3_5_Smith.ppt.  



Please note the internet service is provided by the venue and the server is located in China, so some services such as Google and Gmail are not accessible.


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