Call for Tutorials

The 2019 MICCAI conference will be held in Shenzhen, China. The conference will host a variety of workshops, challenges, and tutorials. MICCAI tutorials are educational sessions offered by expert researchers and scientists on topics relevant to the community, with methods and approaches of common interests or open/unsolved problems. The target audience of MICCAI tutorials includes professionals seeking continued education, students, clinicians, early career scientists, and established researchers planning to broaden their research horizons. A MICCAI tutorial is expected to be an extensive and up-to-date coverage of a single field in depth with a cohesive theme, e.g., methodology, clinical application, software tool, etc. The organizers should explain why the theme is timely and of interest to the MICCAI community. The tutorial may combine lectures with demonstrations and hands-on sessions. It is highly encouraged for the organizers to share all materials with the community after the event.

Tutorials will take place on October 13 and 17, 2019. All events will be located at the main conference venue. Each tutorial may be organized as a half-day (8:00am-12:30pm or 1:30pm-5:00pm) or a full-day (8:00am-5:00pm) meeting.

The organizers of the accepted proposals are required to:
• Construct an independent website for their event
• Manage the advertising and promotion of the event
• Prepare the electronic (pdf) versions of teaching materials and programs, and submit them to the MICCAI 2019 Tutorials Organization Committee for distribution to the registered participants.

Submission Details
The deadline for proposal submissions is February 4, 2019 February 18, 2019. An example of tutorial proposal submission form can be found at the end of this “Call for Tutorials”. First feedback will be provided to the applicants by February 18, 2019. Please note that if the submitted tutorials cover complementary or overlapping themes, we reserve the right to suggest them to merge or alter their scopes. Final decisions will be announced on April 1, , 2019.
Tutorial proposals should be submitted through CMT via completing the submission form in the following link:

Selection Criteria
Due to the limited number of rooms available, and to maintain relevance to the conference participants, the submitted tutorial proposals will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of the plan describing how the educational objectives will be achieved
  • Appropriateness of the team providing the instruction
  • Relevance of the topic to the MICCAI community
  • Expected number of participants

Please note that if the registered participants for an accepted tutorial are less than 20, we reserve the rights to cancel or merge it with other tutorials.

Authors will assign to the MICCAI Society the right to distribute the tutorial materials to MICCAI members and to tutorial and conference attendees, independently of the copyright ownership planned by the tutorial organizers. It is up to the tutorial organizers to obtain corresponding agreement of the instructors and, if necessary, consent from journals or other publishers to utilize the aforementioned materials.

MICCAI 2019 will not pay for travel arrangements or stipends for the organizers of satellite events nor provide concessions on registration fees.

The MICCAI 2019 Satellite Events Committee has limited funds for waiving registration fees for a number of speakers, including those from outside the MICCAI community. Organizers should send a request to with justification for their request. Organizers and speakers who plan only to attend the satellite event in which they are involved are expected to register for the event unless registration fee waivers have been requested and granted.

Important Dates

February 4, 2019
February 18, 2019
Proposals due
February 18, 2019
March 4, 2019
First feedback
April 1, 2019 Final notification of acceptance
May 1, 2019 Opening individual websites
August 15, 2019 Deadline to submit soft-copy tutorial materials (in pdf)
October 13 & 17, 2019 Tutorial dates

Example Tutorial Proposal Submission Form
1. Organizing Team
Please list the names and the affiliations of the people who organize and are responsible for the event. (1000 characters)

2. Tutorial Description
Please provide the description of the proposed tutorial, including 1) a brief outline and topics that will be covered, 2) a list of learning objectives, and 3) justifications of interests and opportunities to the MICCAI community. (5000 characters)

3. Proposed Speakers
Please provide the names and brief biographies of the people who will be speaking or providing instructions. Note that MICCAI will not waive speaker registration fees unless explicitly requested and approved by the MICCAI Satellite Events Committee as per the “Call for Tutorials” guidelines. (2000 characters)

4. Duration
Will the tutorial be a full day event or a half-day event?

Full day
Half day

5. Format Type

What is the format of this tutorial?


6. Expected Number of Attendees and Participants
Please provide information about your target audience (introductory, intermediate, and advanced) and any prerequisite skills or knowledge. Also provide an estimate of the size of your anticipated audience and explain the basis of your estimate.

(1000 characters)

7. History/Background
Please state if similar tutorials have been given at MICCAI conferences before. If so, what is the unique contribution of this tutorial proposal? (1000 characters)

8. Materials To Be Distributed
Please indicate the materials to be distributed for this tutorial event.

9. Technical Requirements
Please let us know if you have specific requirements for hardware, technical equipment, or support (e.g., projectors, computers, monitors, loud speakers, microphones)
(500 characters).

10. Other Comments
Please let us know if you have any other information or comments that you would like for us to consider. (500 characters)

11. Terms and conditions
Please confirm that you have read the details regarding your expected duties, budgets, and management process.

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