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For an Extra Banquet Ticket, please refer to conference registration page regist as a non-member and ONLY select additional banquet ticket option and make payment.

The Gala Dinner will be organised on October 15 (Tuesday) at the China Folk Cultural Village. The village is only 5 min walk from the conference venue InterContinental Shenzhen and there is an exclusive access to the Village from the hotel for MICCAI delegates.

The Village is known as the museum of Chinese ethnic minorities, featuring over 20 life-size villages, culture and traditions of various ethnic minorities of China.

The dinner will be a standup buffet dinner and will be arranged in two seatings:

First seating: 1800-1930 hrs

Second seating: 2030-2200 hrs

You are free to explore the Village any time before or after the show/dinner. Between the two seatings is the “Dancing with Dragons and Phoenix” Show at the theatre where all MICCAI delegates are welcome. It is a spectacular show with over 500 artists, featuring Chinese dances, musics, magical performances.

China Folk Cultural Village

Dancing with dragons and phoenix


After we posted the assignment lists of two Gala dinner sessions, we have received many requests of changing the assigned sessions when people saw their friends are in the other different sessions. Also, we allow delegates to choose their sessions (green and orange tickets for session 1 and session 2, respectively) on the reception/registration desks on site after they have seen the names in both assignment lists, and delegates can actually swap their Gala session tickets freely with others. It is hoped that the two originally sent assignment lists serve as an initial guidance and clue for you to have an informed choice of sessions on site and to have informed swaps with others, but the two posted assignment lists no longer reflect the actual session allocations. Instead, the Gala dinner tickets in your hands will be the final assignments between two sessions.


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