MICCAI 2019 Undergraduate Student Travel Award Application

Purpose of the Award
The MICCAI 2019 organization team is pleased to offer a new type of travel award to support world-wide undergraduate students’ travels to MICCAI 2019. Besides the traditional MICCAI Student Travel Awards, this new type of award is committed to the engagement of outstanding undergraduate students in MICCAI 2019 conference and we envision they would potentially make great contributions to the MICCAI community in the future. Each awardee will receive up to US$1000 cash (according to estimated costs), depending on the number of applications and the availability of fund, to help defray travel expenses as well as a complimentary main conference registration (with the total amount of up to US$1500).

Award Eligibility

  • The applicant is NOT required to be the author of any accepted paper(s) in MICCAI 2019 conference;
  • The applicant must be an undergraduate student at a recognized university or degree granting institution at the time of the award application;
  • The applicant may NOT be a recipient of another MICCAI 2019 award.

Required Materials

  • Proof of undergraduate student status under the above definition;
  • Applicant’s CV or resume (no more than two pages);
  • One letter of recommendation;
  • An essay (no more than one page) about applicant’s understanding about MICCAI field.

Conditions of Award

  • The eligibility and decision of the award will be discussed and decided by the MICCAI 2019 Student Travel Selection Committee based on the submitted application materials;
  • The awardees will be notified by email. The final list of awardees, with their institutional affiliation, will be announced on the MICCAI 2019 Conference website;
  • The awardees MUST attend the conference to receive the award checks;
  • The awardees will receive a special ribbon to attach to their name badge, designating them as awardees of the MICCAI 2019 Undergraduate Student Travel Award.


  • All application materials should be submitted to one of the MICCAI 2019 Student Travel Selection Committee members via email by July 31st, 23:59 PDT (Email title: MICCAI2019_UndergraduateTravelAward_Applicant’s Name_Applicant’s Institution): 1) Prof. Huiguang He (email: huiguang.he@ia.ac.cn); 2) Prof. Jun Shi (email: junshi@shu.edu.cn); 3) Prof. Xi Jiang (email: xijiang@uestc.edu.cn). We encourage early applications.

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