Getting to Shenzhen

Shenzhen is located at the southern tip of China, around 1- 1.5 hrs drive from Hong Kong.  There are 3 convenient ways to get to Shenzhen:

  • Via Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport

The Shenzhen Baoan International Airport has connections to more than 30 destinations in SE Asia, North America, Oceania and Europe.  It is also an airport hub in southern China, with direct domestic flights connecting Shenzhen to cities all over China.  A taxi ride from Shenzhen Bao’an Airport to the InterContinental Hotel Shenzhen is around 45 min.  Taxi accept cash only and not credit card.  Alternatively, you can take the metro from the airport to the city.  Please check out Shenzhen Metro website for details.  The journey to the city will take approximately 1 hour. It is a regular metro service and will stop at every stop.  Tickets are available for purchase at the metro station.  There are ticketing machines but they only accept coins and small notes (CNY10 and CNY5 dollar notes). There is no currency exchange facilities at the station and please exchange for CNY before arriving at the station.

  • Via Beijing or Shanghai

Beijing and Shanghai have many international flights to many European and North American cities, from where there are numerous domestic flights to Shenzhen.  If you need to book domestic flights from other China cities to Shenzhen, please check out the webpage of Skyteam to see if there are any connections which meet your requirements and discounts available.

  • Via Guangzhou

Formerly known as Canton, Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong Province.  The airport has direct international flights to many Asian countries as well as Europe and North America.  There are trains and high speed train between Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and the journey is only 30-40 min by high speed train. The major hub for train departing to Shenzhen is the Guangzhou South Railway Station.

  • Via Hong Kong

The Hong Kong International Airport is served by over 100 airlines connecting the city to over 220 destinations all over the world.  On arrival at the airport, you can make connections to Shenzhen by sea or by land.  The secretariat office may arrange coach transfer at designated time from Hong Kong International Airport to InterContinental Hotel direct, depending on number of requests.  Please come back to this site for update.

Here are other ways to get to Shenzhen from Hong Kong:

By Land (1.5 hrs)

There are coaches from the Airport to Shenzhen.  You will need to go through Immigration and Customs in Hong Kong, and walk to the Coach Station at Terminal 2. Please make sure you have a valid China visa for the coach transfer.

Please check out here for more details for travelling by cross border coaches.

By Sea

The SkyPier has ferries to Shenzhen Shekou (voyage duration 30 min) port, from where you can transfer to Shenzhen (without entering into Hong Kong).  Please refer to the link below for the procedure. You need a valid China visa in order to transit to Shenzhen by Ferry.

Please check out here for more details for travelling by ferry from Hong Kong International Airport to Shenzhen.

From Shenzhen Shekou Port to the InterContinental Hotel is around 30 min.

By High Speed Train

There is cross border high speed train connecting Hong Kong to Shenzhen and other parts of China.  The High Speed Train Terminal in Hong Kong is the West Kowloon Station. All immigration and customs formalities exiting Hong Kong and entering China are done at the West Kowloon Station.  Please check out this page for more details.

By Limousine (1 hrs)

You can also reserve a 7-seater cross border car to take you direct from Hong Kong International Airport to your hotel in Shenzhen.  Please contact the secretariat office if you prefer to do so.


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