Application to Join the Program Committee for MICCAI 2019

We invite researchers who have been active in past MICCAI conferences to volunteer to serve on the program committee (PC) as Area Chairs (ACs). The quality of the conference depends heavily on the selection process; and in turn, this hinges on bringing together the best possible team of Area Chairs. We hope that this call for PC membership can attract the right mix of people with complementary expertise to join the MICCAI 2019 team and deliver an attractive conference for the whole community. We particularly encourage participation from female members of our community.

Please keep in mind that not all applications can be selected. In a first phase, there will be 30 ACs initially recruited, balanced between MIC, CAI and MICCAI experts, with a spread of expertise based on past MICCAI history, and aiming for gender parity and diversity. After paper submission, we will invite approximately 10-20 additional ACs from the database of applicants to complement the breadth and depth of expertise required on the PC.

PC members assigned the role of an Area Chair will have specific expertise and more responsibilities for the papers that are assigned to them. Being an Area Chair is a demanding task that involves managing the review process for a set of papers, proposing papers for orals and awards, interacting with the Program Committee, up to and including participating in a PC Teleconference – and thus entails a significant commitment on their part.

To understand the responsibilities and time commitments of the Area Chairs, please carefully read the details below before you apply. Note there will not be any face-to-face PC meetings, Instead, a set of PC teleconferences will be held in June 2019 in three different time zones to accommodate the geographical spread of our community. All PC members will be expected to participate in one of the teleconferences to not only help create the final program, but also to provide feedback for the overall MICCAI peer review process.

In recognition of your efforts, your name will be mentioned in the conference program, proceedings and conference website. We are also planning a thank-you event at the conference and will be exploring further community-building activities for MICCAI 2019 involving our PC members.

Area Chair Responsibilities and Review Process Highlights

  • Paper assignment to Area Chairs will be completed automatically using the latest version of the Toronto Paper Matching System (TPMS), and to manage conflicts, which have been successfully used for the past two editions of MICCAI. The Program Chairs will oversee the process.
  • You will be responsible for shepherding the review process for each of approximately 20 papers. Specifically, the expectation is that you will:
    • In the first phase, the review process is structured so that “easy” decisions (clear accepts and clear rejects) are identified and finalized prior to the second phase of the review process.
    • In the second phase, you will be responsible for reading and finalising the decisions for ~6 borderline papers from your allocations plus an additional ~12 borderline papers from two other Area Chairs.

Schedule of PC Duties

After the full paper submission deadline on 2 April 2019, the first phase of your work will begin 13 April 2019 for the initial reviewer assignment period which finishes 20 April 2019, followed by a reviewer paper bidding period. The paper review period will run from 28 April – 20 May 2019, followed by the authors’ rebuttals due on 28 May 2019. The second phase will then start with the final paper decisions by Area Chairs due on 13 June 2019. Your responsibilities will end with the PC teleconferences in June 2019, and with providing final meta-reviews for all papers in your allocations as primary AC. A detailed timeline is posted on the Conference webpage.

Applying to serve as an Area Chair

To apply as a MICCAI 2019 Area Chair, please fill out the web form regarding the following information:

  • Your name, institutional/company email address (to be used in to manage conflicts), and institutional affiliation.
  • Your role in your institution.
  • Your ORCID identification number. (Please register for ORCID if you don’t have a number yet!) Click HERE to understand why an ORCID ID is important for you as a scientist. It also helps MICCAI keep track of you!
  • Number of MICCAI conferences attended (at least 3).
  • Number of MICCAI conferences for which you have reviewed (at least 3).
  • Years served as a PC member already (maximum of 3 consecutive years).
  • Identify yourself as MIC, CAI or MICCAI.
  • List of MICCAI papers for which you were an author (at least 6). You should normally be first or last author on at least 3. Do not include MICCAI workshop papers.
  • List one to three topics that best represent the focus of your research and expertise.
  • List relevant conferences where you have been a member of the Program Committee.
  • State whether you have used the Microsoft Conference Management System (CMT) in the past.

The deadline to apply is 07 January 2019. The conference Program Chairs will review all applications carefully and will respond by 01 February 2019.

We look forward to your applications.

Best wishes,

MICCAI 2019 Organizing Committee

Program Co-Chairs:   

Terry Peters, Robarts/Western University, Canada

Larry Staib, Yale University, USA

Sean Zhou, United Imaging Intelligence, China

Caroline Essert, University of Strasbourg, France

Pew-Thian Yap, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

Associate to Program Chairs:

Ali Khan, Robarts/Western University, Canada

Submission Platform Manager:

Jackie Williams

General Chairs:  

Dinggang Shen, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

Tianming Liu, University of Georgia, USA


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