About Shenzhen

Shenzhen, a beautiful coastal city in Southern China and is one of the most economically developed cities in China.   It is also a very young city, but vibrant and energetic.  She ranked number one in China’s 2017 Most Economic Competitive cities report, with AI, big data, cloud computing, robotics as its major industries.

Here are some of the highlights:

OCT LOFT – originally an old factory area, it is now converted into a trendy district, attracting young designers and entrepreneurs to try out their new ideas.  There are hundreds of small shops, many of which are own-designed fashion and handicrafts, as well as coffee shops and restaurants.


Ancient town and Hakka Village – Da Peng Ancient Town can be dated back to Year 1394, and played an important role as a military outpost during the Opium Wars in the mid 19th century.  Today you can see the old fortress, Qing style residential buildings and old temples.  Besides the ancient, there are also traditional Hakka Villages, many of them have a history of a few hundred years.

Dapeng Ancient VillageDapeng Ancient Town

Tea Plantation and Huaxing Temple – they are located in OCT East and where you can visit the Buddhist culture and tea culture of the local people.

huaxing templeHua Xing Temple

China Folk Cultural Village – a theme park showcasing the culture and traditional of the ethnic minorities of China.  There is a large scale evening show telling the story of China, featuring some 500 artists with stunning staging effects.  The Village is next to the official venue.

evening showChina Folk Culture VillageChina Folk Cultural Village


Getting around in Shenzhen

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