Reviewer Instructions – Paper Bidding

We are now ready  to open the process for Reviewer Paper Bidding. We apologize for the delay, which was caused by  the record number of paper submissions received.

After an initial matching process, using automated conflict checking via CMT conflict domains, and automated paper matching using the Toronto Paper Matching System (TPMS) and your subject areas, our 69 Area Chairs have suggested a set of potential reviewers for each paper.

You are now asked to bid for papers – please read the instructions carefully and let us know if there are any questions.

Log in to CMT ( using your email used to log into CMT as Reviewer,  and selecting your role as “Reviewer”.  On your Reviewer Console, you can then view the paper titles and abstracts which have been initially suggested for you.

Please note that the number of papers in your batch may vary, and in some cases you may not have any papers. One reason for this might be that there has been a poor match to your subject areas or your TPMS profile.  Nevertheless we will re-distribute your allocation so you can eventually expect to be assigned 4-5 papers. Some of you may have a received a high number of suggested papers. Please use the TPMS Rankings and CMT relevance scores to select those that are most meaningful for you. You can click on the “Show abstract” button under the paper title to learn more about the subject matter.

The list of papers is sorted in numerical order by default. You can sort the list of papers according to their Relevance or their TPMS score. Relevance is determined by the overlaps of the subject areas between your expertise and the paper.  This number ranges from 0 to 1, with 0 being least relevant and 1 being most relevant. TPMS rank is determined by overlap of the keyword profiles extracted from the paper and the your previous publications, with 1 being the highest rank (best match) and NNN being the worst.

To sort all papers  by Relevance, click on “Relevance” two times to sort in decreasing order (most to least relevant). To sort all papers by TPMS rank, click on “TPMS rank” once to sort in an increasing order (best match (1) to least (NNN)).

Note that the results from the two sorting criteria may not always agree.

For each paper in your batch, please enter your paper bid, choosing from:

Not Entered
Not Willing
In A Pinch

Please bid for *ALL*  papers that you are comfortable reviewing, i.e. for which you have the necessary expertise. We will re-balance the number of papers later and may redistribute papers as needed. Please enter “Not Willing” for papers where you lack sufficient expertise  (passing knowledge or less) – even if you find them very interesting!

Use  the “Relevance” and “TPMS Rank” columns to help you understand why these papers have been initially assigned to you (Relevance=subject area [0…1], where 0 is lowest/least relevant; TPMS rank [1…NNN], where 1 means you were the top-ranking Reviewer for this paper based on TPMS scores.)

Please  complete your paper bidding by Friday May 3 at the very latest (06:00 PST).  We will then rematch papers to all Reviewers taking Area Chair  suggestions and Reviewer paper bids into account.

The final paper assignment will be performed on 5 May,  after which the actual paper review period will begin. We aim to have all reviews in by 06:00 (PST) 27  May.

Please let us know if anything of the above is not clear to you, and if there is anything we can do to help and assist you in this process. We will send out reminders as needed.

With best wishes,

MICCAI 2019 Program Executive

Reviewer bidding instruction 1

Reviewer bidding instruction

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