Transfer from Hong Kong International Airport to Shenzhen by Ferry

The Skypier inside the Hong Kong International Airport offer ferry services between the airport and Shenzhen.  If you are planning to take the ferry, please do not go to Hong Kong Immigration or collect your luggage.   After arrival at the Terminal from the gate, watch out for the sign “Transfer Area E2” or “Ferries to Mainland”.  There are two ferry ports in Shenzhen, Shekou and Fuyong. If you are staying at the InterContinental Hotel, Shekou port is much closer.

Please check the schedule from the ferry operator for departure time from Skypier to Shekou.  If you have check in luggage (one piece free of charge, surcharge applies for additional luggage), they will transfer your luggage to the ferry and you can depart 60 min earliest from the time you purchase your ticket because it takes time to arrange your check in lugguage onto the ferry.   The ferry ride to Shekou is 30 min. From Shekou, you will need to take a taxi to your hotel.

If you intend to take a taxi in Shenzhen, please prepare local currency (CNY) as taxi do not accept credit card payment, although most accept wechat pay.

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